Tell us your views on the LGPS reforms

20 November 2012

One of the issues to be discussed at our Local Authority Forum next week (26 Nov) is the recent launch of Communities and Local Government’s consultation on raising the cap on investments in limited partnerships. The aim is to further enable Local Authority Pension Funds to invest in infrastructure. Many of our Local Authority members have told us the current 15% cap on limited partnerships prevents you from doing so.

The consultation puts forward a couple of options:

  1. Increase the limit on investments in partnerships from 15% of a local authority pension fund to 30%; or
  2. Create a new investment class for investment in infrastructure (including via limited liability partnerships), with an appropriate investment limit of 15% of an overall fund.

We are keen to hear your views on these proposals, especially which option you would favour and the impact this might have on your investment strategy.

The consultation closes on 18 December 2012 so we would welcome responses by 15 December 2012. Contact:

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