Three more schemes achieve the Pension Quality Mark

23 November 2012

Three more schemes have achieved the Pension Quality Mark (PQM), the mark of excellence that recognises good quality DC pensions.

  • Hunting plc is an energy services provider to the world's leading national and international oil and gas companies. Hunting Pension Scheme (DC Section) achieved the PQM.
  • Electricity North West owns, operates and maintains the North West’s electricity distribution network. The Electricity North West Group of the ESPS: DC Section has met the standards for PQM PLUS.
  • Horizon Asset Limited manages assets on behalf of a wide range of institutional investors. Horizon Asset Ltd. Group Personal Pension achieved the PQM.

They bring the total number of schemes with PQM and PQM PLUS to over 160 with over third of a million employees saving in them.

More on the PQM here.